The Importance of Specific Seasonal Tires

There is a lot of research and science that goes into the tires that you put on your vehicle. Many do not realize how much goes into a good set of tires. Most people buy a set of tires based on looks or price, but there is much more that should go into a tire purchase. You may have heard that there are different tires for different road conditions or even different times of the year. You need to start paying attention to the type of tires that you put on your vehicle. In fact, you will find that you are much more safe on the road when you have the right tires on. Here are a few differences between off-road, winter, and summer tires. 

Off-Road Tires

If you enjoy going off road and want to make sure that you do not have to call a friend to come and pull you out when you get stuck, then you had better put on the right tire. Most off road tires are going to have very wide and deep tread. This is so you can have a good grip in road material that is going to be somewhat soft. It will also allow for any debris to be pushed out so that the treads stay clear. 

Winter Tires

Winter tires are some of the most important type of tires because they are designed to keep people safe in some of the most extreme conditions. Many of the winter and ice tires that you can buy will come with micro quarts type of crystals in the rubber. These micro spikes will significantly increase the traction that you have on icy roads. They are also made of a type of rubber that is a little bit softer and can grip the road a little better than hard rubbers. 

Summer Tires

You summer tire might be the tire that you use the most and is therefore a very important tire to pick wisely. A good summer tire is going to be made of rubber that holds up for a long period of time. Some of rubber that is used to make summer tires heats up and becomes a little bit sticky. If the rubber becomes to sticky and soft, it will break away, so it is important that the rubber is a good mixture. This increased stickiness will increase the traction that you have on a really hot day. 

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