Gifting Your Teen A Used Car? 3 Tips For Giving Them A Safe Car With New Tires

Giving a vehicle to your teenager can be a great reward for getting good grades or simply as a rite of passage as they get older and get their drivers license. If you're just beginning to check out the options for giving your teen their first car and you intend on buying a used one, you'll need to consider the difference that good tires can make. Instead of hoping that your teen is driving safely with new tires that you pick up from any store, you'll benefit by choosing tires that will be a good fit for their car and where you live.

What You Can Do Keep Your Tires In Good Shape

Although this notion can certainly be debated, the tires on your car are some of the most important fixtures on the entire automobile.  They give you the ability to operate the car with ease, deftly maneuvering the car over the open roads with just a mere push on the steering wheel.  However, if you're like some people, you don't really pay much attention to your tires until there's a problem with them.

Need An Oil Change? Reasons You May Want To Avoid Doing It Yourself

If you need an oil change, you may consider doing it yourself. After all, it may be cheaper and save you some money. However, before you buy the oil and get started, there are a few things you should know. Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to avoid changing your oil yourself and instead take your car to an auto repair shop for this maintenance service.

The Importance of Specific Seasonal Tires

There is a lot of research and science that goes into the tires that you put on your vehicle. Many do not realize how much goes into a good set of tires. Most people buy a set of tires based on looks or price, but there is much more that should go into a tire purchase. You may have heard that there are different tires for different road conditions or even different times of the year.

2 Things To Consider When Purchasing New Rims For Your Car

Buying new rims for your vehicle can be a great way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, personalize your vehicle, or just give your vehicle a little bit more style. However, there are a few things you're going to want to keep in mind when buying new rims, such as the two listed below. Performance Can Be Affected One of the biggest things to consider when purchasing new rims for your car is that your vehicle's performance can be affected by the new rims.

3 Tips To Help Tire Centers Buy Tires In Bulk That Will Sell Quickly

Tire centers can decrease their costs of goods sold -- and, therefore, increase their profit margin -- by purchasing tires in bulk. Tire centers can't just buy any tires in bulk, though. They need to buy tires that will be quickly purchased by drivers, or else their financial investment will be tied up in inventory for a prolonged time. If you're thinking about opening a tire center and want to buy tires in bulk so you can increase your center's profit margin, here are three tips to help you select tires that will likely sell quickly.

3 Tips For Saving Money When Buying Aftermarket Rims For Your Car

Are you thinking about dressing up your car with a nice set of aftermarket rims? If so, you might be looking forward to giving your car a different look, but you might also be concerned about the cost of buying the rims. Luckily, you can save money when buying rims for your car; just try one or all of these tips, and you could find that buying nice rims for your car is more affordable than you thought it would be.

4 Ways to Prevent Tire Dry Rot

Dry rot is often a sign of a tire that's seen better days. Although it's more common in older tires, it can also occur in relatively new rubber under certain circumstances. Fortunately, tire rot can be stopped in its tracks early on as long as the following preventative steps are taken.  Keep Your Tires Out of Direct Sunlight Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly found in natural sunlight, can do a serious number on your tires.